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Pant Contest!

Hey Folks!

It's that time again! It's contest time!

What is the contest this time? This time we have decided to have a contest where you all get to design pants for the store! You'll have 2 weeks to design your pants (Ends on the 10th of May 2021). It can be whatever you want! There will be 3 winners!

Contest Rules

  • Do not use images off google, e.g. Icons, PNG Art or silhouettes.
  • Do not attempt to submit a template which includes any mobile stickers, e.g. Samsung Stickers or any stickers from a mobile editing app.
  • No NSFW faces of any sorts.
  • You can only submit one pant to the store, submissions cannot be removed, changed or edited. So take your time.
  • No copyrighted logos allowed, e.g. Supreme or Nike, etc.
  • Post link of the pant to #『⭐』submissions in the discord server.

  • Contest Prizes

  • 1st Place - 300 Brycks.
  • 2nd Place - 200 Brycks.
  • 3rd Place - 100 Brycks.
  • I will send the template below. Feel free to edit it in anyway you want. Recommended software for this would be Adobe Photoshop or but you can use whatever!

    Best of Luck!

    You may join the Discord, here.

    We look forward to your submissions, thanks. Chief Executive Officer, Adam.